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Sub Aortic Stenosis

Sub Aortic Stenosis


HEART gene found on the occasion of this year's national specialty show in Frankenmuth - the large Club show of the American Newfoundland Club (NCA) - the sensation has been confirmed.

American scientists have identified the gene that is responsible for the heart disease of subaortic stenosis (SAS) for the Newfoundland. This ground-breaking discovery makes it possible now to prove the exact diagnosis of an hereditary disposition of SAS through a simple test - either through a smear of the oral mucosa or EDTA-blood. This milestone in the Newfoundland breed allows us as breeders to breed with proven genetically SAS-free dogs finally!

This outstanding scientific research was made possible, inter alia by the exceptionally high personal and financial commitment of the American Newfoundland Club (NCA)!

You will find forms for this SAS test and more details at:


American studies suggest that Newfoundlands have a pre-disposition for SAS.

SAS comes in many grades of severity that are sub-divided into mild, moderate & severe,  Dogs with severe disease may suddenly die or develop exercise intolerance, fainting, rear limb weakness or heart failure.  Dogs with mild disease usually lead a normal life without complications. A dog’s life with moderate disease will be harder to predict.

The disease develops shortly after birth at approximately 3 weeks of age and continues to worsen throughout life.

The disease is transmitted genetically.

Diagnosis is done primarily by ausculation then echocardiography to verify murmurs.

All breeding stock should be tested and those found positive be removed from a breeding programme.

Only Veterinary Surgeons on the Veterinary Cardiovascular Society list can diagnose accurately and non-qualified Vets should not be used.

Results from Heart Tests in the UK can be found on The Newfoundland Club website.

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Understanding Canine Sub-aortic Stenosis  

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