Ears & Eyes



Ear Infections are extremely common in Newfoundlands. It is good policy to keep the hair trimmed around the ears in order that air may circulate freely.  Regular checks should be made to avoid serious infections.

Ear Ear Mites are very common and are often associated with foot chewing!  Dogs scratch their inflamed ears & pass on the mite to their feet.  It is worth while when treating ears to treat feet as well!.
The life-cycle is about 3 weeks so keep treating for that time or else it is worthless time spent.
Vets will supply you with products suitable for this & remind them to give you something for the feet as well!

Wax Build-up Newfoundland’s ears are prone to this & can be seen easily as it is black or brown.  Ear cleaner should be used regularly which will be available at Vets or Canine Dispensaries.

Skin ProblemsPlease refer to SKIN pages as all these problems also affect ears.




Entropion - Inward turning of eyelids

Ectropion - Outward turning of eyelids

Cherry Eye - Prolapsed Gland of the 3rd eyelid

are conditions that affect the over all health of a Newf's eye. 


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